Application & Timeline

Most successful research projects for the NCISC require extended time to complete the research; therefore, research projects may be started as much as 24 months before submission to NCISC.

Application Information

  • October 31
    Full reports and complete applications are electronically submitted for judging.
  • November 30
    Finalists are chosen to present their work in person.
  • December 5
    Students present their work to the judging panel and are selected to represent the United States in Beijing.
  • January 1 – February 28
    Projects are refined and graphics are fabricated. Travel arrangements are secured. A preliminary orientation session is held.
  • March (third week)
    Travel to and from Beijing, China. The delegation attends the Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition and related events.
  • After the NCISC
    Students are expected to attend a few N.C. science functions and display their projects. An example is the yearly SMT Center statewide science celebration which is typically held in April.


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