Edward: All of the U.S. Students Earned Gold Medals!

This week, four high school students selected by Science, Math, and Technology Education Center to participate in the North Carolina International Science Competition (NCISC) are traveling to Beijing, China to present their research, meet students from other countries, and experience Chinese culture. This blog highlights the journey of these future science rockstars of North Carolina! Today, we hear from Edward Zhao of Cary. See more pictures and updates on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

USA Delegation and Chinese Assistant Friends
USA Delegation and Chinese Assistant Friends


I think today was the last day of work for us! We started the day with the awards ceremony. The top ten Chinese students won Mayor’s Awards. Basically, they are set for going to any university that they choose.

In addition, there were first level, second level, and third level awards. It seemed like every student in the auditorium got some type of an award at the end, but I heard from our volunteers that only the first level award winners will get some added points for college admissions.

For the international students, there were first level (gold) and second level (awards). All of the U.S. students earned gold medals. We’re all really happy about that.

We ate another school box lunch and then took down our posters. In the afternoon, we visited the summer palace (Yi He Yuan). It was a very large park, but we didn’t have nearly enough time to visit everything.

We did see a huge marble boat that was ornately decorated. In the summer, the lake in the middle of the park would be filled with small paddle boats that tourists could steer around, but I guess today it was too cold.

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