Alec: The Silk Market

Today we went to the Silk Market. Having been told the general bargaining price should be a tenth of the asking price, I was surprised to find out that the Silk Market is clean and crisp with glass walls and uniforms. Of course, the main trick was not to be American and not to give in to inflated prices. I started off in the tie section, and I realized I was actually good at haggling. I then started bargaining for everyone else’s products until I decided that I would try to buy a tux for the lowest possible price. However, I realized that there actually is a minimum price I can bargain for. When the shopkeepers take away the product and tell you to leave, you know that you actually underestimated the value of the product. Then you have to go to the adjacent store and try again with a recalculated price. I basically ended up buying a lot of things for other people at half the price they would have gone for.

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