Jim Simpson: Beijing and the BYSCC – Top 10 List

Here are the top 10 things I’ll remember about Beijing and the BYSCC:

10.  Peking Man – it was a very interesting site to visit and a window to the evolution of man – fascinating!

9. The hotel beds – if you like sleeping on pool tables, this is the place for you!

8. The pageantry associated with the BYSCC – unlike anything you would ever see in the U.S.

7. The formation of Jeni and the Geriatrics – look for their new album coming to a record store nowhere near you!

6. Tiananmen Square – enough said.

5. The blue skies vs. the smog – amazing how it can go from one to the other day to day.

4. The Pearl and Silk markets – the shopping and the bargains are incredible in China!

3.  The Forbidden City and the Great Wall –  you can read about it, see it on tv, and Google it, but there’s nothing like seeing it first hand.

2. My new friends – the volunteers (Abby, Angela and Dora) were all delightful!! They were so kind and helpful and always there when we needed them.  They represented the BYSCC and China extraordinarily well!  I will miss them dearly – in fact, I already do. Also Robin, Fran, Glenn, Craig and Jeni – I feel very lucky to have taken the trip with such a great group of people.

1. The students and their passion and ideas – I often worry about where the leadership and innovation will come from as baby boomers retire at the rate of 8,500 people per day. The group of students at BYSCC has given me optimism for the future. These students are brilliant, driven and truly remarkable.  They are also working on some of the toughest challenges facing our world today (disease treatment and prevention, water quality, energy, etc.).  Hopefully, I’ll sleep a little better now.

I also want to congratulate Team America.  All of our students brought home awards including three first place awards.  And finally, a shout out to Sam Houston and his team for having the vision and courage to allow North Carolina to participate in this program. It’s a great experience for the students, a great experience for the adults, and one I will truly remember forever – xie xie!!!

Jim Simpson, CAE
North Carolina Chamber

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