Tom- Ready, Set, Go!

Tom WilliamsIn less than 48 hours, I know my perspective on the world is about to change – big time!  I am so incredibly honored to serve as one of the adult delegates of the NC International Science Challenge (NCISC) at the 36th Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition on March 25-27, 2016.

As I so vividly recall my high school baseball coach telling me, “Success is when preparation meets opportunity!”  For me, this experience is the result of two things happening.  First, four incredibly talented and focused North Carolina high school students have realized the core of Coach Carroll’s foundation for success, preparation.  Secondly, and of equal significance in the equation, a phenomenal opportunity has been created by the invitation from the Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition and the North Carolina Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education Center to serve as the hosts, catalysts, and sponsors for this international showcase of student research and innovation.

To our NCISC Scholars:  Holly Ren, Nimit Desai, Jonathon Kuo, and Rohan Deshpande, congratulations on this most recent success and I am thrilled to be joining you in Beijing for what promises to be an exciting and inspirational experience.  I appreciate the commitment to excellence you bring to this competition as well as the spirit of collaboration and high personal integrity in representing the USA and North Carolina!  Good luck!

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