Marti – A Dinner to Remember

Our last night in Beijing included a special meal that I will always remember.
Two members of our team had visits from close connections in China. Kevins aunt and Michelle’s family friend came to visit the students at the hotel and then we all left together for dinner.
We walked to a beautiful multistory complex that was a high end shopping complex and went up to one of the top levels to the “delicious tastes floor” where there were numerous restaurants.
We got seated in a private room with a chandelier above a large circular table.
Kevin’s aunt opened up a bag that included boxes of Beijing dessert delicacies. They looked amazing and tasted delicious.
The menu was printed into what looked to be a glossy magazine and Kevin’s aunt and Michelle’s family friend ordered dish after dish of food for us, the likes we had never seen or tasted before.
There were dishes crispy pieces of pork, delectable chicken, a rice soup with spinach and shrimp, along with scallion pancakes that have become a favorite for our delegation.
But, while the food was delicious it was the fellowship and friendship that  filled the room. We tasted, we laughed, we toasted to our beautiful trip and to each other.
Sometimes you don’t have to understand what someone is saying in another language, you just have to share traditions and food and smiles.

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