Ritvik – Embassy Visit

Wednesday, March 28th

I looked up at the sky and saw grey and black. The air quality index was over 500! We put on our masks. However, today I had an experience I will likely remember for the rest of my life. The visit to the US Embassy was unforgettable. With a flash of our passports, we went from Beijing back to US Soil. As we entered through the machine gun-proof doors, the air got cleaner and I felt back at home. We met Nancy Sung, the Head of the Beijing Office for the NSF, and learned more about her job and career path. I shared my research with her, and all in all, it was a spectacular experience and an amazing scientific discussion.

We finished this memorable day with a stay in one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed. From the giant spa and pool, to the waterfall shower, to the incredible lobby, this hotel was awesome! We spent some time shopping for souvenirs in the nearby stores, which were surely tourist traps, and then ate a traditional (?) Chinese dinner.

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